A platform
for pooling

ADISCO PIM, or Product Information Management, is a new tool for centralising information systems and pooling product information into a single database.
Accessible to all ADISCO members, the PIM tool brings together the product data of all our suppliers (visuals, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, etc.), on a single, shared platform, to facilitate their distribution by our members on different channels (customer extranets, e-commerce sites, online ordering, etc).
Currently in its finalisation phase, it will be operational as of Q2, 2022.


On-site support in the optimal use of products.

ADISCO is right by your side during the implementation phase of the hygiene solutions adopted by your establishment, providing all necessary technical assistance and operational monitoring. With the support of our “Major Brand” partners, ADISCO technicians provide you with on-site training sessions for your staff, in order to optimise the use of cleaning products and systems, to ensure control of consumption and dilutions, in compliance with current safety standards in your sector of activity.


Ensuring the implementation of
your hygiene protocols
in the kitchen.

Ensuring the implementation of your hygiene protocols in the kitchen. Having been compulsory for several years in the food sector, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is the essential tool for the control and prevention of risks relating to the manufacture and handling of food.
After analysing your organisation and its operation, our ADISCO “kitchen” specialists ensure the implementation of HACCP, safely, completely, and in compliance with regulations. Subsequently, ADISCO supports you in the training of your personnel, the monitoring of implementation, and annual operating reports.


Guaranteeing the conformity of hygiene and disinfection methods for laundry.

Laundry is a profession in constant technological evolution, with increasingly demanding regulations in terms of user safety and respect for the environment. Even though it is not always mandatory, RABC (Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control) is a guarantee of quality and safety for your establishment.
This is why Adisco provides you with complete support in the designing, personalised implementation, and regular monitoring of your RABC laundry plan.

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