Adisco Goes Green with Switch Range: A Revolution in Hygiene products

The Switch range has quickly won over professionals with its innovative and ecological approach. With its precise dosing bottle system and economical eco-refills, it redefines industry standards. Now, Adisco customers can benefit from ultra-concentrated products, reducing their environmental footprint while ensuring impeccable hygiene.

This partnership with Switch marks a new milestone in Adisco's history. By choosing environmentally friendly solutions, the company strengthens its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Indeed, the Switch range not only offers ecological benefits, but also meets the strictest standards in terms of efficiency and quality.

Thanks to this transition, Adisco enables its members to stand out in the market by offering cutting-edge products while contributing to the preservation of our planet. It's a real invitation to join a movement for more effective and responsible professional hygiene.

In conclusion, Adisco's choice of the Switch range demonstrates its constant commitment to meeting the needs of its customers while respecting the environment. It's one step closer to a future where hygiene and maintenance go hand in hand with sustainability. Join Adisco in this endeavor and together, let's make a difference.

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