An eco-responsible
commitment for
a better world.

Ever faithful to our philosophy and eco-responsible commitments, Adisco received the Ecovadis gold medal for our CSR performance for the third consecutive year.
CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, brings together all of the practices implemented by companies, with the aim of respecting the challenges and objectives of sustainable development.
CSR encompasses the following three areas: Social, Environmental and Economic.


A selection of products
from certified production sites.

As part of our CSR approach, ADISCO undertakes to work in full respect the environment and within current regulations.
With a socially and economically responsible purchasing strategy, development of bioprocessing, and choice of eco-labelled ranges from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production sites, ADISCO is strengthening our “ecologically correct” corporate image a little more every day.


A label validating products made with easily biodegradable raw materials, and not containing allergenic substances. The effectiveness of these products is proven via comparative tests with leading products on the market. These tests are carried out by independent and approved laboratories.
Created in 1989, ahead of many European labels, this is the eco-label of northern European countries And what does this logo mean? The limitation of certain substances that are hazardous to human health, limitation of greenhouse gas emissions during product manufacturing, the use of renewable raw materials, organically produced cotton, wood from sustainably managed forests, and more.
A certification validating products with optimal biodegradability. The compounds used are of plant-based and renewable origin. The quality and effectiveness of the products, their advice for use and precautions are detailed on their packaging. Only natural perfumes are authorised (those derived from petrochemicals are prohibited).
The “Cradle to Cradle®” certification was developed based around a new way of looking at things, drawing inspiration from nature, so as to no longer have any negative impacts on humans, nor on the environment. It makes it possible enter into the virtuous circle of the circular economy: today’s waste becomes tomorrow’s resources!
EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), is a European certification, rewarding companies that go beyond mere legal compliance, and strive to continuously improve their environmental performance. EMAS certification is often seen as a European equivalent of the international standard ISO 14001, as it explicitly and fully integrates the requirements of that standard.
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