hygiene plans.

Every community has its own particularities. This is why, with product ranges designed to respond to all types of calls for tender, for every national and regional market, the ADISCO “Communities” specialists design tailor-made cleaning solutions, adapted to their specificities, their structures, their means, and their user profiles.
Innovative systems with four major principles:
  • Optimal user safety,
  • Controlling costs,
  • On-site staff training,
  • Taking into account the well-being of personnel and respecting the environment.


5 star hygiene.

With constantly evolving regulations and standards in this sector, the hotel and catering industries are among the most demanding in terms of hygiene and safety for customers and staff alike.
Based on a preliminary study and close partnerships with the biggest hygiene brands, our Adisco “Hotel and Restaurant” specialists provide you with tailor-made solutions, in accordance with the latest standards in force, and tailored to your establishment.
They support you in the implementation of complete cleaning plans, on-site training of your staff, follow-up with the implementation and offer operational audits.


When hygiene must
be beyond reproach.

As the most sensitive environments, hosting vulnerable populations, the world of healthcare requires special care and attention in the implementation of extremely rigorous hygiene and disinfection protocols in all sectors: treatment rooms, accommodation, kitchens, laundries, PPE for caregivers and patients, etc.
Hospitals, private clinics, retirement homes, dental practices, laboratories and more; alongside you, our teams dedicated to “Healthcare” calls for tenders develop tailor-made solutions, taking into account all aspects of hygiene and safety, as well as economic and environmental criteria.


Tailoring our offerings to the particularities of your company.

In terms of hygiene and maintenance in the industrial sector, solutions must be adapted according to criteria that are specific to each company: type of activity, size, personnel management, budgetary constraints, etc.
This is why, after an on-site analysis and a precise diagnosis of your needs, our ADISCO “Industry” specialists design and propose tailor-made hygiene solutions, adapted to your company structure and your constraints, taking into account efficiency criteria and cost management, along with workplace well-being and respect for the environment.


Combining cost control with respect for the environment.

As the cleaning sector is a very competitive market, it is essential to develop hygiene solutions combining maximum efficiency with optimised operating costs. Based on these criteria, as well as those of workplace well-being and respect for the environment, the ADISCO “Cleaning Company” specialists provide you with tailor-made and efficient hygiene solutions, including innovative cleaning systems, such as bio-treatment and product ranges with eco-labels, or not classified as dangerous (CLP).

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